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About Us

Connecting you to the very Best Local Farms and Ranches!

Sustainable. Ethical. Better Beef Delivered.

You want to know where your food comes from.

You also want peace of mind that it has been ethically raised. You enjoy eating beef but are equally as concerned for animal welfare and the natural world around you.

We hear you and we get it! And most importantly, we’ve listened!


What is… Craft Beef?

Beef can vary in flavor, tenderness and marbling based on many factors, creating unique tastes and textures. What the animal eats, where they are raised, how old they are, and so many other factors contribute to how that beef tastes when it reaches your table. Every ranch does it differently and creates their own niche Craft Beef product. We showcase some of these differences, provide information about that farm and how it was raised and let you decide what you like best!

Our Mission Statement

To connect customers to premium beef in their local areas and promote regenerative farming practices.

We believe in showcasing the best farms and ranches in Alberta and in Canada and work to provide easy access for customers to choose and purchase natural proteins, while maintaining and promoting the individual farm’s brand. All of our beef arrives to the customer clearly identified as coming from their choice ranch. — Craft Beef Co.

Our Story…

The Craft Beef Company began as an idea to help producers market their beef locally…

It is a common story that a farm or ranch raises fantastic beef – ethically and thoughtfully – but continually struggles to connect with their customers. For years, there has been a disconnect with ranchers and the public and we at The Craft Beef Co are doing our very best to break down those barriers. Additionally, most farms and ranches are in very rural locations throughout the province and country and that often poses a logistical challenge for those of us wanting to buy direct.

By working together with more ranches, The Craft Beef Co. has increased the variety of products available and also created a unique food system all the way from the Ranch to the Processor and finally, to your door. With multiple ranches working from a single location, everyone can take advantage of our sales expertise and marketing, as well as shipping their product while maintaining their own business branding and farming practices. This is a unique feature in Canada. No one does it the way we do. We truly believe beef and other meats are all about the farm and this foundational belief drives us to maintain the farm’s brand on all of their individual products and in our online store.

A streamlined, and easy shopping experience…

Our website is meant to provide absolute transparency to the items you wish to buy. We have also partnered with FedEx to ship these products with Contactless Delivery to your door. All of our products are kept frozen with dry ice and are in environmentally friendly/recyclable packaging material. If you can’t be home at the time of your delivery, no big deal! It will be safely waiting on your doorstep when you arrive home later that day. You will also receive a FedEx tracking number, so you can keep an eye on your delivery.

The Craft Beef Co is dedicated to sourcing Local Beef and other meat products that are ethically raised and sustainably produced for the Canadian family.

More and more, you want to know where your food comes from. You also want peace of mind that it has been ethically raised for both animal welfare and the environment. You enjoy eating beef but are equally as concerned for animal welfare and the natural world around you. We hear you and we get it! And most importantly, we’ve listened! By partnering with farms and ranches with sustainable and regenerative farming practices, we can connect you to exactly the responsibly raised beef and other products that you have been searching for. Not only are these ranchers producing a fantastic quality product but they are making one that everyone can feel good about sharing with their families.

Our customers can choose their ranch and their beef based on their own personal values and what they desire in the finished product. That may be grass-finished, pasture raised grain-finished, wagyu, chicken raised without antibiotics, etc. Or it could be a highly marbled grass fed beef or a leaner grass fed beef product. There are so many options and we will do our best to point you in the right direction. All packaging maintains the farm’s branding and clearly states the origin of that item – traceability of your food and food safety is paramount to our beliefs at The Craft Beef Company. Our focus will always be on the farm and on their story.

It is our goal to provide you with a great selection of locally raised, Canadian Craft products that are easy to order and receive. At the same time, we promote regenerative farming practices and partner with ranches who value and care for natural wildlife habitats and fish waterways. Properly managed pastures can enhance these habitats rather than take away from them and sequester Carbon, rather than create pollution.

Canada is known around the world as a Premium Beef producer and we, at The Craft Beef Co. are proud to share some of these elite farms and ranches locally with you.

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