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Frequently asked questions...

Is all of your beef Canadian?

Yes! All of our beef and beef products are raised and made in Canada. This also goes for our Bison, Pork, Lamb & Chicken!

What regions are you currently serving?

We are excited to be launching first in Alberta. We are actively seeking the best farms and products in additional provinces and will communicate further roll-outs as we go.

I believe in shopping close to home. Can I buy Local products on your site?

Yes! Check out our “Shop By Farm” Page, where you can see what farm is closest to your home.

I am a Farmer. How do I find out if my products are a good fit for The Craft Beef Co. Ltd?

We are always looking for great farmers and unique products to share on our site! Please complete our Producer Inquiry Form and we can have a discussion about your farm. Please include any social media links you may have.

How much is animal welfare considered?

Animal welfare is our Number 1 priority when evaluating a farm to partner with at The Craft Beef Co. Ltd. We interview producers, tour their farms and ranches at least annually and ensure that they are certified by a 3rd party, such as The Verified Beef Program+ or the Canadian Roundtable For Sustainable Beef. Their 3rd party certification is updated annually and we must be provided with evidence of its renewal. For those farms not currently enrolled but following all of the right processes, we provide a time frame to complete their enrollment with these 3rd party programs.

Animals must be handled quietly and with minimum levels of stress. They must also have the “5 Freedoms”.

i. Free From Discomfort
ii. Free From Hunger or Thirst
iii. Free From Pain, Injury and Disease
iv. Freedom to Express Normal Behaviours
v. Freedom From Fear and Distress

Is your beef treated with any hormones or steroids?

Each individual producer may have different standards of raising their animals. None of the Organic or Grass Fed & Finished beef will ever be fed hormones or steroids and most follow a completely antibiotic free program. Check out the "Farms" page under "About Us" and you can read about each farm and choose what's important to you.

Is your beef treated with antibiotics?

The identifying symbols on The Craft Beef Co. allow you to choose what is important to you. You can select a farm identified as “No Antibiotics” from our Shop By Farm Page.

Most of our farms believe in “No Unnecessary Antibiotics” as a method of keeping that animal “Free From Pain, Injury and Disease”. For example, a calf who gets pneumonia from sudden changes in the Spring weather will be given antibiotics for a period of a few days to help them get better - similar to what you or I might do in the same situation for ourselves. Most importantly, There are no residues detectable in ANY of our beef and all of our farmers must adhere to the Codes Of Practice set by the industry in this regard.

Where is your packaging from?

Our boxes are ordered from right here in Alberta and our corn-based foam insulation comes from a company in the United States. We do our best to source all of our materials in Canada or at least in North America. All promotional and branded items are also sourced in Canada.

What do we do with the packaging materials once we unpack our box?

It is part of Craft Beef’s core principals to guard the health of our environment. Please recycle your cardboard box locally. Remove the foam from its plastic cover and recycle the plastic with your grocery bags. The foam is fully biodegradable and can be composted, burned, mulched and even washed down your drain with hot water. It is corn-based and safe for the environment. One of our favorite methods of disposing of this foam is to break it into small chunks and let it sit in water over night. The foam will dissolve and you can actually use the water as a natural plant food! Amazing!

What about Returns and Exchanges?

Please note that due to the perishable nature of the products, all sales are final with no returns or exchanges. If there is a problem with a product you received please email us at info@craftbeefco.ca or connect with us through Social Media and we will do our best to remedy the issue.

Is Shipping included in your prices?

All orders above $150 include free shipping. Orders of less than $150 have a $25 flat rate shipping fee. If you live in a remote area or in the country, there may be extra delivery charges, so be sure to check when you enter your delivery address.

Can I ship to my work?

Yes! You are welcome to ship your products to any address serviced by FedEx.

How will my box be delivered?

FedEx will drop your box of premium meats on your doorstep or with the reception area at your apartment building. There is no requirement to sign for your box. Please note that the Fedex tracking number may say it will take longer to arrive than it does. Most main areas (Calgary, Lethbridge, Red Deer, Edmonton, etc.) are 1 night in transit and will arrive the next day. Keep a close eye on your tracking number. When it says "On Fedex vehicle for delivery" it will usually be there in a matter of a few hours.

Still have questions? We'd love to answer them!

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