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8 Acres – Organic Beef

Alberta & Saskatchewan

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8 Acres raises 2 types of beef:

  1. Grass Fed & Finished
  2. Grass Fed, Grain Finished, Certified Organic

No Antibiotics or added Hormones.


8 ACRES was founded by two young farming lads and their families. Established in 2020 during the midst of crisis a change was coming. This change however has been crafted and evolving over the last decade. Each on their own path to write the next chapter in Canadian beef production.

Bryce and his family have been farming and raising cattle organically near Pipestone in SW Manitoba for the past 10 years. This journey came about through the need for change and the opportunity to take a path less traveled. Bryce could see the benefits that farming and raising cattle organically had on the land, the animals, the environment and most importantly the nutrient density of the food they were producing. The organic principles that Bryce and his family implement are not just about following rules, but more about creating systems and farming practices that better their farming system and strive for a positive future, inspiring others along the way.

Ben, originally from New Zealand, moved to Canada in 2008. He has a deeply-rooted passion for grass fed beef production and regenerative agriculture. Not only because of the high quality of beef produced by a well-managed grass finished system but even more importantly, the benefits it has for the soil, the land, the environment, the animals, and the health and well-being of the consumers. After developing ranches in both Alberta and Saskatchewan, Ben along with his wife Sian and their two children, now have a new venture where they have expanded their Grass Fed Regenerative program to a location near Yorkton, Saskatchewan.

Throughout the last 12 years of building the Canadian Grass Finished Beef model, Ben has been focused on developing a resilient farm production system, designed to handle the market challenges and climate extremes that come with Canadian beef ranching.

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