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Brant Lake Wagyu

High River, AB

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Did you know?

Characteristically, Wagyu beef is highly marbled. This means that the muscle is finely interspersed with monounsaturated fat. This marbling gives the beef its “melt in the mouth” moisture and tenderness. When cooked, the marbling is absorbed into the muscle and gives the meat its tenderness and flavour.

History of Brant Lake Wagyu

Brant Lake Cattlifamilyowneand operated.  The original Wagyu herd was establishei1993. It startewith 19 wagyu cows and full blood Wagyu bulls. Sinc1993 thherd has expanded ta Wagyu/ Angus cross herd usinpredominatelBlacand Red Angus cows and Full blood Wagyu Bulls. We have since grown our numbers allowing us to share with other consumers this distinctive quality of beef.

As passionate cattle producers, we are committed to refininouWagycross herd to result in superior tasting, consistent and healthbeef. Along with partner producers, we raise this Wagyu/Angus cross herd and purebred Wagyu herd to bring consumers some of the best beef in the world.


Wagyu Beef – A healthy choice

Wagyu is a source of many essential vitamins and nutrients and is a healthy choice, adding to a rich, tender and entirely flavorful eating experience. Scientific studies have shown that the marbling in Wagyu beef creates a very healthy choice for consumers.

Here are some quick facts about Wagyu Beef and its health benefits:

  • The wagyu breed is predisposed to a higher % of unsaturated fat compared to other breeds. The result is more “good” cholesterol and less “bad” cholesterol.
  • Wagyu beef has an elevated proportion of oleic acid in the fat. Oleic acid has a major influence on the palatability and tenderness of the meat.
  • Wagyu beef is an effective source of essential fatty acids such as Omega 3 (linolenic acid) as well as containing 30% more Omega 6 than other breeds. Both Omega’s contribute to preventing and protecting against heart disease, depression, high blood pressure and reducing cholesterol

Fact or Fiction? Beer Fed and Massaged?

In Japan, Wagyu were not allowed to graze freely, and massage was used to soothe their stiff muscles, not to disperse their fat. The Japanese Wagyu were occasionally fed beer to maintain a healthy population of microbes in their rumen, or large stomach, not to flavour their flesh or keep them relaxed.

Verified Beef Production practices.

Our cow/calf operation is the starting point for our artisan beef production of Brant Lake Wagyu.

The mother cows and calves graze pasture during the spring, summer and fall. Once the calves are weaned and reach a desired weight, they are placed on a barley based grain diet.

They are then fed according to our strict feeding and health protocols and managed with minimum stress and treated in accordance to Verified Beef Production practices.

Our Wagyu cross herd is raised without use of hormones or animal by products and fed a grain based diet.

Brant Lake Cattle grow our Wagyu cross animals slowly with a sustainable diet and  maintain strong health protocol, tracking individual animal health data therefore resulting in a SUPERIOR beef that also has nutritional benefits.

All BLW beef is HALAL certified by IFANCC at federal Beef Processing Facility – #657 – Canadian Premium Meats.https://www.brantlakewagyu.ca/

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