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Gidney Fisheries Ltd.

Nova Scotia

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A lobster legacy

A Canadian company with over 125+ years’ experience procuring and exporting premium lobster.

The Gidney family ensures that we deliver the best tasting lobster on earth by:

  • Fishing the uniquely delicious lobster found in the Bay of Fundy and Southwestern Nova Scotia
  • Leveraging our deep-rooted history of lobster procurement to scrutinize the quality of our lobsters
  • Supplying superior quality niche products, such as our split lobster, which utilizes state-of-art High-Pressure Processing (HPP)
  • A family feel – maintaining trust and ensuring friendly service


Gidney Fisheries may well be one of Canada’s oldest exporters.

Records show as far back as 1892 Samuel Gidney began buying lobsters from local fishermen and exported them weekly via steamship to Boston.

These live-lobster transactions gave birth to a tradition that has been passed on through four generations of Gidneys.

Raw Frozen Lobster Meat

High-pressuring processing (HPP) preserves the natural juices of the lobster meat and ensures the customer has a straight from the ocean dining experience.


Lobster Simplified

Get live lobster’s same look and taste, without the hassle.

  • Quick and easy preparation
  • No food additives or preservatives
  • Wild-caught, sweet Nova Scotian lobster
  • MSC certified – Certified Sustainable Seafood
  • Ready to eat in 12-minutes

All information and photos courtesy of Gidney Fisheries and protected by Gidney’s copyrights. Photos and information have been used with permission from Gidney Fisheries.

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