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Lambtastic Farms

Vulcan, Alberta

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Lambtastic Farms

Ray and Nancy Nolan, are professional chefs that came together to raise not only phenomenal sheep, but top-quality farm-to-fork lamb fit for the most discerning of culinary critics.

They bring some of the best tasting lamb available in Alberta, to your doorstep.

As top professionals in their industry, they have prepared delicious plates for high-end venues such as the Dorchester Hotel in London, England; the Intercontinental Hotel in Toronto, the Hyatt of Calgary, and the list goes on. If anyone knows just what makes up a good piece of lamb, the Nolan’s are the experts.

Part of this create is the deep belief and sound farming practices…

Sound Farming Practices

Farm to fork is a “food system” in which food production, processing, distribution, and consumption are integrated to enhance the environmental, economic, social and nutritional health of a particular place. While most of us see the term used in restaurants, it can be applied much more broadly than that.  Lambtastic has embraced these practices into their farm.

Our recipe for raising premium lamb…

These flocks are free to roam spacious Southern Alberta fields to feed on natural grasslands and have access to clean, flowing waters. They are supplemented alfalfa, mixed hay and grain rations that are planted and harvested by the chef/owners themselves.

The lambs are only processed when a matured age is reached offering only the most intricate of flavours.

The sound management and ethical practices allows Lambtastic Farms to offer supremely tender and succulent lamb, 12 months of the year.

Premium Alberta Lamb

Bringing some of the best tasting lamb available in Alberta, to your doorstep with Craft Beef Co.

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