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Nonay Beef

Sturgeon County, Alberta

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Nonay Beef

Jeff Nonay and his wife, Coralee, own and operate Lakeside Dairy, located north of Edmonton in Sturgeon County. Lakeside is a 3rd generation, diversified family farm marketing milk, Nonay Beef, grain and seed potatoes, with the newest addition of Lakeside Farmstead Cheese (and dairy products), coming 2020!

Employing 9 full time staff and an additional 4 – 8 more people in peak season, it takes a dedicated group to keep all the wheels turning and the animals well cared for.

There is a lot of pride continuing in the farming tradition, raising my daughter and son with the same values and experiences I had. — Jeff

Realizing the potential…

Several years ago, Jeff realized the potential in breeding some of his dairy herd to Wagyu bulls. Holstein cows are mainly known as dairy cows and are easily recognized for their black and white markings, but their beef quality is also incredibly high. Holsteins, on their own, take longer to grow but have very well marbled beef with great flavor. By crossing these cows with Wagyu bulls, Jeff is able to take advantage of the high flavor profile and great quality from both breeds and the results speak for themselves.

Farming Practices

Jeff is equally as passionate about his cows as he is about what goes into them. They must be fed a balanced diet of a mixture of grasses and grains, allowing them to grow slowly, which is essential for the highest quality and level of marbling. He also embraces technology, ecological, and environmental advancements and believes in being a good steward of the land and cattle.

Premium Wagyu-X

Nonay Beef  sets the standard for Premium quality and is a highly sought after product, perfect for the BBQ season. WagyuXHolstein makes great burger patties and some of the best steaks and roasts available today.

Jeff and Nonay Beef are driven to improve the communication, connection and trust consumers have with agriculture.

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