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We are a multifamily community with farming and agricultural roots nestled in the Rosebud River Valley north of Rockyford, Alberta.

Our colony was founded and established in 1918 when our ancestors migrated from South Dakota to continue the farming lifestyle they initiated before they came.

Today, we are still practicing the same trades, just in the modern day we live in.

Our Beef Pork and Poultry here at Springvale Fine Foods are raised in the most humane sustainable manner and exceeds all animal welfare practices, making our end-products a health-minded nutritious choice for everyone.

“The food we put on the table for our families is the food we offer to our valued customers.”


The beef offered for sale at Springvale Fine Foods is grown and raised on our family farm near Rockyford Alberta. Our beef operation consists of an elite cow/calf program, long yearling grazing, and feedlot finishing set up.

The mama cows are wintered at home on winter grazing fields where they’re nourished with a specially blended mixture of forage varieties. Before calving, they are moved to the Springvale cow camp where they run on pure native pastures.

Our calves are born in mid-march in heated barns and warmed facilities.

Once spring rolls around the cow-calf pairs are turned onto lush pastures where they graze all summer long and much of the fall.

Calves are weaned and brought home to be finished with grains and forage sourced right from our farm.

We use the best sources and consultants in the industry to ensure healthy productive animals.

Our Alberta Beef operation is enrolled with Verified Beef Production (VBP+) and complimented by Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB). This program documents and verifies food quality, food safety, humane handling, and environmental stewardship.


and practices lead to and ensure that all our Beef products available at Springvale Fine Foods will be the best tasting and of the healthiest choice on the market today.

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