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Tetz Cattle Co

Three Hills, Alberta

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Tetz Cattle is a 4th generation beef and grain farm located near Three Hills, AB, currently operating as a Partnership between Greg & Trish Tetz. They also raise Quarter Horses for cutting, reining, reined cow horse and ranch versatility work.
Greg and Trish Tetz purchased their first group of steers in the fall of 2018 and are now growing a modest herd of their own. Their main breeds are Angus and Angus/Simmental crosses. Recently, they have also added a few Speckle Park cows due to the mix because of their ability to produce great beef while still being grass fed and finished.
The calves are raised with their moms on native grass pastures and are brought closer to home for the bitter cold months of winter.

“We believe in providing all of our animals with a high quality of life and strongly believe in the “5 Freedoms” – Freedom from thirst or hunger; Freedom from discomfort; Freedom from pain, injury and disease; Freedom to express normal behavior and; Freedom from Fear and Distress. These are paramount to how we feel quality cattle should be raised.”

“None of our beef has been given any added hormones or unnecessary antibiotics throughout its entire life. We vaccinate to prevent disease in our calves, so that we do not need to use antibiotics often – if at all – in that animal’s lifetime. We also keep our herd density low, which prevents over crowding and  also reduces the need to use medications.”

In 2020, Greg & Trish are experimenting with a poly-crop (a specific mix of grasses, brassicas, legumes and other plants that get cut into rows in the field for winter feeding) and grazing their cattle all winter long. Alberta winters are cold and cattle require a fair bit of extra energy to stay warm. The mix of plants in the poly-crop is intended to give them that without the need of adding grain.

Come Springtime, they are returned to the rich, green pastures to continue their natural growth curve for a few more months. It takes several more months to raise cattle on grass than if they were in a feedlot receiving a high grain ration. Native pastures are rich in many nutrients and are typically higher in the Omega fatty acids. The rolling landscape also allows for good muscle, lung and heart development, leading to stronger calves.

Beef is considered a “Nutrient Dense” food with high levels of Iron, Vitamin B-12 & Zinc. Pasture raised, grass fed and finished beef also tends to be higher in Omega 3 fatty acids and CLAs (Conjugated Linoleic Acids), which are belived to have many benefits on human health. Tetz Cattle beef is also 100% free of added hormones and antibiotics.

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