1/4 Grass Fed Beef

1/4 Grass Fed Beef

Great ValueMixed 1/4

1/4 Grass Fed Beef Box comes with an assortment of roast, steaks, ground, stew, stirfry and ribs. It is a mixed 1/4, which offers you a great variety of products, so you aren't missing out on anything. Steaks are cut to 1 inch thick in size and will include a variety of Ribeye, Striploin (New York), Tenderloin, Top Sirloin and Sirloin tip. Ribs will consist of everyone's favorites: Maui Ribs, Short Ribs and Back Ribs (prime rib sections). This box is a great value for those wanting to fill their freezer. Roasts come in a variety of sizes and may be a mixture of Crossrib, Chuck, Sirloin Tip and Round. Choose which farm you want to purchase from by selecting "Shop By Farm" below. A Quarter is Approximately 90 Lbs of: 30% Steaks 20% Roasts 30% Ground Beef 20% Stew, Ribs and Brisket


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