1/8 Grass Fed Beef

1/8 Grass Fed Beef

Mixed CutsSubscription Box

1/8 Grass Fed Beef contains a great mixture of steaks, roasts, ground, ribs, stew meat & stir-fry. Total weight is approximately 40lbs of premium Grass Fed & Finished Products. SHIPPING IS INCLUDED! You can even choose which farm you want it to come from - simply select "Shop By Farm" below!

This amount of beef will arrive in 2 boxes and completely fill the average small freezer in a regular fridge/freezer combination unit.

Discount available for pick-up in Three Hills or at the Crossroads Farmers Market in Calgary. Inquire at info@craftbeefco.ca.

Here's what's inside!

Lean Ground Beef x18

Stewing Beef x2

Stirfry Beef x2

Top Sirloin Steak x2 Pkgs

4 Top Sirloin steaks (2 packs of 2 steaks). Dry Aged for 19 days. Great for grilling.

Tenderloin Medallions x2 Pkgs

4 Tenderloin Medallions (2 packs of 2 steaks). Dry Aged for 19 days. Excellent tenderness and quality.

Sirloin Tip Steak x2 Pkgs

4 Sirloin Tip steaks (2 packs of 2 steaks). Dry Aged for 19 days. Great for marinating & grilling.

Flat Iron Steak x1 Pkg

2 Flat Iron steaks (1 pack of 2 steaks). Dry Aged for 19 days. Excellent as a salad topper and easily pan-fried.

New York Striploin Steak x1 Pkg

2 New York Striploin steaks (1 pack of 2 steaks). Dry Aged for 19 days. Top quality steak that is great for grilling.

Maui Ribs x1

1 package of premium Maui Ribs. Usually 3 – 4 pieces per pack. Great marinated or when you want a quick and convenient meal option.

Short Ribs x1 Pkg

Approximately 2 lbs of short ribs. These are best braised and are great in a slow cooker.

Prime Rib Bones x1 Pkg

Typical package is 3 bone segments that come from the back ribs. They are the same sections found in a bone-in Ribeye Steak. Known for great flavour and as favorite on the smoker.

Eye Of Round Roast x1

Eye of Round is the most tender of the Round roast options. This is perfect for 2 – 3 people and great in the slow-cooker.

Crossrib Roast x1

Crossrib is an excellent quality roast and perfect comfort food for those cold days ahead. Recommend as an oven roast or slow-cooker/Ninja Foodie option.

Chuck Eye Roast x1

The Chuck roast is excellent in the Smoker and fits the low-and-slow cooking method well. It is juicy and the leftovers make great beef stew or beef on a bun. Lots of flexibility with using a chuck Roast.

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