Arctic Char 6 oz Fillet

Arctic Char 6 oz Fillet

Ocean Wise CertifiedFish, Seafood

Arctic Char 6 oz Fillet is a beautiful lighter fish that fits somewhere between a steelhead trout and a sockeye salmon. In fact, like trout and Salmon, it also comes from the Salmonid Family. The color is a lighter pink and the taste is delicate and soft with a mild buttery sweetness. Arctic Char is also a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Deboned and skin-on, these fillets are farmed on the west coast of Washington in the pristine waters from the snowmelt high in the Cascade Mountains. Arctic Char are sensitive to their environment and require pristine, cold water to survive, making it a very clean, healthy fish. While great efforts have been made with all of our Fillets to carefully de-bone, it is possible that bones may be present.


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