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Bacon Bits – Maple



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Bacon Bits – Maple

Dry CuredBacon, Specialty

Bacon Bits

Maple Bacon Bits are Dry Cured and locally produced by Twin Oak Farms from Lougheed, Alberta. Made in Alberta for Albertans with local pork. The "Dry Cured" process is done by rubbing the pork belly down with dry ingredients only and allowing it to sit and cure in nothing else but its own juices. The results are a more condensed and robust flavour, since water or other liquids are never added. At the same time, water is drawn out of the meat. This results in less shrink during cooking and a better bang-for-your-buck since you're paying for Bacon and not water.

Ingredients are simple:

Pork Belly, Brown Sugar, Maple Syrup, iodized salt, white sugar, sodium nitrite (5%), maple sugar, granulated garlic, black pepper. Each pack is approximately 1/2 Lb.

Did you know?!

Twin Oaks Bacon has A THIRD OF THE SODIUM as store-bought conventional bacon? In 56 grams of Twin Oaks Bacon, there is 100mg of Sodium compared to Maple Leaf Bacon with 310 mg in 50 grams (2 slices) of uncooked bacon. WOW!!

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Price $8 / 1/2 Lb pack

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