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BBQ Chum Salmon


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BBQ Chum Salmon

Smoked / Fully CookedPre-Cooked, Seafood, Smoker

BBQ Chum Salmon is a perfect healthy snack for those seafood lovers. Use on a charcuterie board, top a salad or cut slices for your bagel with cream cheese, whatever you decide to do with this BBQ Chum Salmon, you won't be disappointed. It's got the perfect level of smoky flavor and saltiness to be a great go-to for any time of day. OceanWise. 100% Natural Skin-on Fillets. Sourced from a Sustainable Fishery. Simple Ingredients: Wild Chum Salmon, Salt, Sugar, Natural Wood Smoke.   Keep frozen prior to use. No artificial preservatives. Do not refreeze.   Thawing Instructions: Cut the bag open prior to thawing. Thaw under refrigeration. After thawing, keep refrigerated and use within 5 days.

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Price $14 / 225 g+ pack

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