BBQ Lovers Box

BBQ Lovers Box

Perfect for Summer!Box

This Summertime BBQ Lovers Box is filled with prime favorites of The Craft Beef Co. We pick 'em. You BBQ 'em.

Choose a 1-time purchase or re-order on your schedule every 2 - 8 weeks. This Box changes weekly and may vary depending on in-stock items but we always guarantee a full variety of great BBQ grilling ideas. Check out what we have lined up for this week's box!

Here's what's inside!

Tri-Tip Roast x1

Beautiful Tri-Tip from our best Grass Fed Beef. Excellent on the Smoker.

Wagyu Beef Sausage x4 Sausages

Juicy Wagyu Beef Sausages! You just can’t go wrong with these.

Tenderloin Medallions x2 Steaks

390 grams – 2 steaks from our Grass Fed Alberta Beef

Top Sirloin Steak x2 Steaks

454 grams (approximately) – 2 grilling steaks from our Grass Fed Alberta Beef

Wagyu Burger Patties x4 Patties

5.3 oz patties – The perfect patty. No filler or bi-products.

Dairy Free. Soy Free. Gluten Free.

Maui Ribs x3+ strips

Wagyu x Maui Cut Short Ribs – 3 to 4 pieces with approximate weight of 1 lb

Chicken Drumsticks x4 Drums

1 Package of 4 Large Chicken Drumsticks. Certified as Raised Without Antibiotics by Alberta Chicken.

New York Striploin Steak x2 Steaks

2 Premium grilling steaks from our Grass Fed and Finished beef. No marinating required. These steaks are gorgeous and so tender.

Prime Rib Bones x1

Beef Back Ribs 670 grams – Cook Low and Slow or put them on your smoker.

Price $200

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