Maui Ribs

Maui Ribs

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Maui Ribs are one of our favorite cuts! These are quick to cook and although it isn't needed, we recommend a marinade to bring out the best in the Maui cut Short rib. These ribs are cut thinly across the bone, leaving only 3 to 4 small bone pieces in the cut that are easily removed. They are a great BBQ option and sure to impress any company you invite to dinner. Simply BBQ on both sides for 3 - 5 minutes and they're done! They thaw very quickly in water and are awesome when you need something quick! *Size/weight may vary slightly

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Grass Finished

3+/- Per-Pack, 1 lbs

Raised and finished on prairie pastures.

Wagyu X

2+ Per-Pack, 12oz.

Rich and buttery in flavour and texture.

Grass Finished

1 lbs

Raised and finished on prairie pastures.



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