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Outside Round Roast

Outside Round Roast

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Outside Round Roast

Outside Round Roast is a great roast that is best cooked "Low and Slow" in the crock pot. Pot Roast left-overs are great to use in soups or stews or as beef-on-a-bun to gain a few extra meals from the same roast. When it comes to cooking technique, think of the Inside and Outside Round as a brisket. Cook in high humidity and for an extended period of time. The longer it cooks, the more tender it gets!

Cooking Instructions:

Thaw overnight in the fridge or by placing roast in vacuum bag into a sink of cool water for a few hours until roast feels soft. Brown all sides in a frying pan first, followed by adding your favorite spices and rubs.

Recommended cooking time is approximately 6-8 hours in your slow-cooker, keeping it at least half submerged in broth. 

Roast is done when it can easily be pulled apart with a fork. If fork is inserted and roast does not pull apart easily, continue to cook for an hour at a time and check again. Tip: Use broth and roast drippings to make your gravy after roast has been removed. The flavours of the seasonings, broth and roast drippings will make a beautiful and flavourful gravy!

Weight and size may vary as roasts are hand-cut.

Once it's cooked, thinly slice and use on sandwiches or make your own beef dip. Very versatile and a great option for the crock-pot! All-day cooking is the secret to a great Outside Round.

Weight and size may vary depending on in-stock items. Roast pictured is approx. 4 Lbs (1.8Kgs).


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