Soup Bones


Soup Bones

Grass Fed & Finished BeefBones

Soup Bones are great if you are interested in making bone or soup broth at home. The mixture of beef, bones and marrow in this bag provides great variety and are nutrient dense. Cook these soup bones in your homemade soup recipe to add natural flavour, vitamins and minerals. Grass Fed & Finished Beef is known to be higher in CLA Fatty Acids and Omega Fatty Acids. Not sure how to make broth? Check out our Bone Broth recipe on our Recipes Page!Most bags are approxiately 3 lbs. Weight may vary slightly.

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Grazed RightSale

Mixed Bag Per-Pack, 3-4 lbs

Calgary's most local grass-fed beef! Providing a happy and natural life for the animals...

Prairie Land & CattleSale

3-4 lbs



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