Top Sirloin Steak

Top Sirloin Steak

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Top Sirloin is a great quality steak that is mid-grade with good flavour. It is a great grilling steak that requires very little prep. They can be seasoned and grilled or marinated to add tenderness. Grass Fed comes in packages of 2 steaks. Want to try Wagyu but don't want to spend the money for a Striploin?  The marbling is also significantly higher than a typical Top Sirloin. It is a great option that still has that amazing wagyu buttery taste and tenderness. Truly an incredible steak. 8 Acres and Brant Lake Wagyu are both 1 steak per pack. Pictured is Brant Lake Wagyu 8 oz Top Sirloin.

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8 Acres

1 Organic Grain Finished Steak Per-Pack, 8oz.

8 Acres is a subsidiary farm to Prairie Land & Cattle, raising Grass Fed and Finished Beef & Organic Grain Finished Beef.

Brant Lake Wagyu

1 GOLD Level Per-Pack, 8oz.

Premium Wagyu Beef Raised certified under the Verified Beef Production Program and HALAL Certified.

Tetz Cattle Co

2 Per-Pack, 12oz.

Grass Fed and Finished Beef raised without added hormones or antibiotics.



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