Blade Roast

Blade Roast

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Blade Roast comes from the Chuck of the beef. It is a meaty, well-marbled cut but is best cooked low and slow in a high humidity. As a result, this cut is excellent in soups, stews, your Instant Pot, Ninja Foodie or every day slow-cooker. It can be used as sandwich meat for beef-on-a-bun or cooked and sliced as a roast to eat with your potatoes and veggies. It can also be cut in half and treated as a steak (follow cooking instructions for a "Chuck Steak"). It has plenty of flavour but remember to be patient.  Pot Roasts like a Chuck, Blade or Round Roast require a long cooking time and a high humidity cooking environment! Patience is the magical ingredient for any tender, juicy pot roast. This item is 100% Grass Fed & Finished on the Prairies with No Added Hormones or Antibiotics.

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