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Brown Sugar Shortbread Cookie Mix



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Brown Sugar Shortbread Cookie Mix

Comes with a Free Cookie CutterCookies, Dessert, Gift Idea

Signature Brown Sugar Shortbread Mix

Now you can make Real Treat Kitchen's Signature Brown Sugar Shortbread at home!

A Message from Jacqueline, at Real Treat Kitchen:

During the Holidays my favourite cookies growing up were the shortbread my Gramma made. So good that when I went off to school, these became my go-to year-round when I was craving the comforts of home. The Real Treat version is inspired by these memories and, like Gramma’s, are rich, not too sweet, and have a pleasing firm bite. The only ingredient you will need to make these at home, in addition to our mix, is 1 cup of unsalted butter at room temperature. Included with the mix is one delightful snowflake cookie cutter. Cookies may be decorated with coloured sugar crystals, icing, or a drizzle of melted chocolate.
Each bag of mix makes 32-40 large cookies.
Images are property of Real Treat Kitchen.

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Price $17 / 32-40 large cookies per bag pack

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