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Delmonico is another one of those rare cuts of steak that you may have never heard of.  Delmonico was originally made famous by their namesake restaurant in New York and refers to a thick cut steak. It has progressed since then and now more resembles a smaller Ribeye. Our Domestic Wagyu Delmonicos come in 2 levels of marbling; Black or Gold, with Gold being the Premium level. Delmonico looks an awful lot like a Ribeye but may be slightly smaller. A Ribeye comes from the 8th - 12th rib of a beef animal, while the Delmonico can come from a much broader area of the Rib and even part of the Short Loin, ahead of the Rib area.  Our Delmonicos are specifically cut and chosen to be excellent quality steaks but at a lesser price than that of a Wagyu Ribeye. They are also a little smaller than the Ribeye, so if a Ribeye is a bit too much at dinner time, the Delmonico might be the right steak for you!   Normal size is 8.5 ounces. Size may vary upwards from there.


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