Farmers Market Box

Farmers Market Box

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The Best Of Everything! If you aren't sure what to try, why not a bit of variety? This box contains product from all of our suppliers and changes weekly.  Items may vary slightly, based on in-stock items. Check out what's included this week!

Here's what's inside!

Crossrib Roast x1

Large Cross Rib Roast from Grazed Right. Perfect to feed a whole family and still have left-overs.

*sizes may vary slightly.

Chicken Drumsticks x4 Drums

Chicken Drumsticks from High River Chicken. HRC is certified with Alberta Chicken on their Raised Without Antibiotics program.

*sizes may vary slightly.

Wagyu Burger Patties x2 burger patties

Premium Wagyu X Burgers from Lakeside Farmstead. A favorite for many!

Wagyu Beef Sausage x4 Sausages

300+ grams, comes in a natural pork casing.

*sizes may vary slightly.

Stirfry Beef x1

Grass-Fed, 454 grams

Tenderloin Medallions x2 Steaks

Grass-Fed and perfect for the grill! These filets are always a favorite steak with fantastic tenderness. No marinating required. Wrap them in bacon for a little extra fun and flavour.

*sizes may vary slightly.

Top Sirloin Steak x2 Steaks

Pack of 2 Top Sirloin Steaks. Another great grilling option!

*sizes may vary slightly.

Maui Ribs x3- 4 Strips

Grass Fed Short Ribs cut Maui style (also called Korean Style Ribs). Quick and easy to BBQ. (approx 454 grams*)

*sizes may vary slightly.

Garlic Fry Sausage x4 Sausages

Garlic Fry Sausages are one of our favorites!! 4 sausages in the pack, makes it perfect for almost any family to enjoy.

Lean Ground Beef x3

Grass-Fed, 454 grams

Price $180

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