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Farmers Market Box


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Farmers Market Box

Hand-selected cutsBox

The Best Of Everything! If you aren't sure what to try, why not a bit of variety? This box contains product from all of our suppliers and changes weekly.  Items may vary slightly, based on in-stock items. Check out what's included this week!

Here's what's inside!

Inside Round Roast x1

Medium Roast from our Grass Fed Beef farmers. An excellent roast for the crock pot and best done low and slow in high humidity. Cooked right, this roast will fall apart for perfect beef-on-a-bun or pulled beef. The trick with this lean roast is the length of cooking time. The longer it goes in the slow cooker, the softer it gets!

*sizes may vary slightly.

Chicken Breast x2 Breasts

Chicken from High River Chicken. HRC is certified with Alberta Chicken on their Raised Without Antibiotics program.

*sizes may vary slightly.

Cheese Smokies x4 Smokies

Delicious smokies from our Grazed Right Grass Fed Beef. May contain pork.

*sizes may vary slightly.

Stewing Beef x1

Grass-Fed, 454 grams

Ribeye Steak x4 Steaks

Grass-Fed and perfect for the grill! These steaks are always a favorite with fantastic tenderness. No marinating required.

*sizes may vary slightly.

Arctic Char 12 oz x2 x 6 oz Fillet

A mild flavour pink fillet from the ice cold waters of the Cascade Mountains. Raised in a natural glacier water environment in Washington state, this fish is a very clean and sustainable option for seafood lovers.

Lean Ground Beef x4

4 x Grass-Fed packs of Grazed Right Lean Ground Beef, 454 grams

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