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Grass Fed Beef Burgers


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Grass Fed Beef Burgers

8 Acres Grass Fed BeefBBQ, Burger, Ground

Grass Fed Beef Burgers from 8 Acres, otherwise known as "Burgers 86". This beef is 100% Canadian, Raised Without Antibiotics or Added Hormones, GMOs, Grass Fed & Finished Beef and raised on the Canadian prairies. 8 Acres uniquely grazes their cattle year round on special crops throughout the winter and on green, responsibly grazed pastures during the summer.  We love their program and we love their beef! Always juicy and tender and these burgers are no exception. They are an excellent addition to any family BBQ. "At 8 Acres, our mission is bold yet simple: create the farm of tomorrow, today. Our whole ecosystem matters, so we put care into constantly innovating for the well-being of our animals, and to the benefit of our generation and of those to come." Conveniently packed with 4 Burgers per box. To make life even easier, they package them in groups of 2, so you only have to thaw. Ingredients: Grass Fed Beef Cooking Instructions: Cook to internal temp of 160F

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Price $14 / 4 Burgers pack

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