Grass Fed Beef Value Box for 2

Grass Fed Beef Value Box for 2

Perfect to fill your freezer!Box

Grass Fed Beef Value Box holds the perfect combination of products for 2 - 3 people. Replenish your freezer with local products and choose either a 1-time purchase or the frequency that works best for you! This beef has never entered a feedlot and has been grass fed and finished with 365 days per year of grazing the Alberta prairies. Create an account for an instant discount!

This box is subject to change with in-stock inventories.

Here's what's inside!

Lean Ground Beef x4 Packs

4 x 1 lb packages of Lean Ground Beef – the most versatile beef product that can be used in almost any dish.

Stewing Beef x2 Packs

1 Lb of premium stewing beef already pre-cut into cubes.

Outside Round Roast x1

Approximately 2.5 lb roast that’s a great fit for the impending cool winter weather. This is true comfort food for your Crock Pot, Ninja Foodie or InstaPot.

Maui Ribs x2 Packs

Maui Style Short Ribs are awesome any time of the year. We recommend your favorite marinade then pop on the grill for only 3 – 5 mins per side. Serve with a side of grilled pineapple!

Flat Iron Steak x2 Steaks

Flat Iron steaks are perfect for lunch time! We love to cook these as a salad topper or even as a pasta dish topper. Use your favorite steak spice or marinade or even drizzle with your choice salad dressing. They can be pan fried or BBQ’d and thaw quickly in a water bath, making them a very convenient option.

Top Sirloin Steak x4 Steaks

4 Top Sirloin steaks that make a great grilling option. They can be marinated or just salted and tossed on the BBQ. Top Sirloins are the nicer quality cut of the Sirloin and can often be confused with New York Striploins if cut from the Cap. They are a flavourful and tender cut and can be cooked a variety of ways, making them very versatile.

Crossrib Roast x1 Roast

The Cross Rib Roast is a Medium sized roast. It is perfect for 2 -3 people and the left-overs can be used in soup, stew, pasta or on top of a homemade mac n cheese!

Steak Jerky x1 Pack

Sweet and Spicy steak jerky is cut thick, tenderized and then vacuum tumbled with the seasonings to really infuse the flavours deep in the jerky. This is a softer jerky that is truly unique. Cut from our Grazed Right grass-fed-and-finished beef!

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