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Ground Beef Value Pack



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Ground Beef Value Pack

Alberta BeefBox

Lean Ground Beef Value Bundle consists of 8 packages of Alberta Ground Beef, aged approximately 18-21 days. Each package averages 1 lb and is vacuum sealed and frozen to maintain the high quality and product integrity. By packaging the bags flatter, we make thawing this beef quick and convenient. Excellent for homemade burger patties, taco night, soups, meat balls, and so much more! Ground Beef has got to be the most versatile beef item you can buy.

This Ground Beef Value Pack includes 8 packs of Lean Ground Beef. Current farm featured is Springvale Fine Foods, from Rockyford, AB.

*Packages are hand-packed, and may vary in weight slightly. Average package is 1Lb*

Here's what's inside!

Lean Ground Beef x8

8 x 1 lb packages of Lean Ground Beef, dry aged and raised right here in Alberta. No additives or preservatives – just great Alberta Ground Beef.

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