Prime Rib Roast

Prime Rib Roast

Bone-In Premium RoastRoasts

Prime Rib Roast is an absolutely beautiful Premium Roast. Dry Aged Wagyu beef with better than AAA marbling makes some of the very best Prime Rib available. Do it as a traditional Roast or on the Smoker and get amazing results every time or  cut it into steaks and make your own Cowboy Cuts. This is a bone-in roast that is best cooked to a medium or even medium-rare. This roast has fantastic marbling and plenty of flavor that everyone will love. Typical Wagyu Roast is 2.65 Kgd or 5.9 Lbs. Typical Grass Fed Roast is 2.20Kgs or 4.85 Lbs.

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Brant Lake Wagyu

1 Per-Pack, 5.9 lbs

Premium Wagyu Beef Raised certified under the Verified Beef Production Program and HALAL Certified.


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