Soup Broth Starter Pack

Soup Broth Starter Pack

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Soup Broth is a great base to almost any meal and you can make it at home! No need to buy the concentrated, high sodium broths in the grocery store. Make your own and use it in stews, soups and every day cooking! Replace the water in your rice pot with homemade broth and add a punch of nutrition and flavour or use it to steam your veggies. There are so many uses for this every day DIY broth. The combination of meat-rich items like the Short Ribs and the marrow-rich items like the Marrow Bones, make for a hearty, flavourful broth that is rich in all kinds of vitamins and minerals.
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Here's what's inside!

Soup Bones x1

A bag of mixed soup bones containing a good mixture of meat and marrow. Perfect to add great flavor to any homemade broth.

Marrow Bones x1

Rich Marrow Bones containing a great amount of Vitamin A, Vitamin K2, Omega 3 & 6, iron, zinc, selenium and much more! Marrow is also rich in glucosamine and CLA fatty acids.

Split Marrow Bones x1

Another style of rich marrow bone, split length-wise down the middle. High quantity of marrow typically in this bone.

Short Ribs x1

Short Ribs add a bit of variety to your Bone or Soup Broth. The meaty content carries plenty of Iron, Vitamin B12 and Protein and mixes very well with the Soup Bones and Marrow Bones in this Bundle.

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