Split Lobster

Split Lobster

Premium Canadian Lobsterlobster, Seafood

Split Lobster comes individually packaged as a Raw Frozen Half Lobster - Perfect for any Steak & Seafood Night. Already cleaned and prepped, so no shucking is required. Claw and Knuckle meat are placed in the body cavity, in front of the lobster tail. Ready in only 12 minutes with no additives or preservatives. Package is between 200 and 225 grams (7 - 8oz). Since 1892, Gidney Fisheries has provided Canadians with the best wild-caught lobster. All Lobster is also MSC Certified - Certified Sustainable Seafood. Be sure to check out the Recipes page for the Japanese Lobster Salad with Spicy Ponzu Sauce, kindly provided to us by the master Sea-foodies at Gidney Fisheries.

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Price $24 / 200 - 225 grams pack


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