Cooked Steak Bites

Cooked Steak Bites

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Cooked Steak Bites are surprisingly juicy and flavourful! No preservatives or fillers. Only simple ingredients and premium sirloin steak. Eat them hot or cold as a snack on the go - the real beauty in these is that the package is the equivalent of approx 2 whole steaks! Because of this, they are a great dinner option and excellent for every member of the family. Vacuum Tumbled prior to cooking infuses the flavours deep within the meat and not just as a coating. Be sure to refrigerate. Approximately 345 grams and 12+ pieces per pack. Weights may vary slightly. Teriyaki Ingredients: Beef, Honey, Sugar, Soy Sauce, Spices, Salt.

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10+/- Per-Pack, 9oz.




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