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Wagyu X Starter Bundle


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Wagyu X Starter Bundle

Domestically RaisedBox

Wagyu x Starter Bundle is a great way to try a bunch of products that Wagyu has to offer. We always think of Ribeye and New York Striploin but what about everything else?? There are so many amazing cuts from Wagyu Beef and this bundle is a great way to enjoy your favorites and also try a few new ones. This Wagyu x beef comes from our friends at #LakesideFarmstead. Many in the Edmonton area would already know it as #NonayBeef!

Here's what's inside!

Ribeye Steak x1 Steak

The Wagyu Ribeye is tough to beat! This is a favorite and for good reason. Rich in flavour and oh so tender and juicy!

New York Striploin Steak x2 Steaks

Another Favorite choice for Wagyu Lovers. The New York Striploin is a large steak that has great marbling and is very tender.

Wagyu Beef Sausage x4 Sausages

A pack of 4 Beef Sausages in a Natural Pork Casing. These are juicy and delicious!

Wagyu Beef Jerky x1

If you’ve never tried Wagyu Jerky before, you’re missing out!

Flank Steak x1

This bundle will come with EITHER a Flank Steak OR a Flat Iron Steak, depending on what is available in stock. These items are cut into steak sections that are perfect for 2 to share.

Sirloin Tip Roast x1

Approximately 2Lb Sirloin Tip roast. You will smell the natural buttery aroma of Wagyu throughout your house while this roast is in the oven. Even in the roast, the marbling is impressive.

Hot Pot Beef x1

Perfect for sharing! We love these for Tapas Night at home. Boil some broth in the middle of your table and eat these fondue-style with veggies, wontons, noodles and more! Not only do they provide a great atmosphere and a fun night with friends but they also taste great!

Aged Regular Ground Beef x2

Use this almost anywhere! Make lasagna, meat balls, homemade burger patties, tacos, the possibilities are endless!

Wagyu Burger Patties x2 Patties

2 Burger Patties made from our premium Wagyu x beef. Always juicy and no unwanted ingredients. Just beef and salt!

Breakfast Sausages x8 Sausages

8 sausages in this package of premium ALL BEEF breakfast sausages. Perfect those weekend mornings with the Fam.

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