Wild Sea Scallops

Wild Sea Scallops

10/20 SizeBBQ, Fish, Seafood

Wild Sea Scallops are a delicate and buttery addition to any dinner. Spoil your loved one with a Steak and Seafood night, make your own Bacon-Wrapped Scallops or just pan fry and add to your favorite creamy pasta for a quick dinner any night of the week. Wild Sea Scallops have a slight saltiness and are tender and buttery when cooked. Our scallops are Ocean Wise Certified and are Chemical Free and dry.  This makes them easier to pan-fry and sear, while also retaining more natural flavours. Scallops are in 1 lb packages and 10 - 20 per pack. This is our largest size available.  Picture is of the 20/30 Pack.

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Price $35 / 10 - 20 pack


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