Chuck Eye Roast

Chuck Eye Roast

Also Called Blade RoastRoasts

Chuck Eye Roast is one of our favorite Pot Roasts! The chuck has great flavour as a result of the higher fat content over the Round Roasts. They also make juicy stew meat as left overs, just throw it back in your slow cooker with your favorite beef stew recipe. It is dynamite every time but remember that it also follows the "Low and Slow" rules. The Wagyu, in particular, has incredible marbling and a very buttery smell and flavour. Weight and size may vary depending on in-stock items.

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Tetz Cattle Co

Grass Fed and Finished Beef raised without added hormones or antibiotics.

Brant Lake Wagyu

Premium Wagyu Beef Raised certified under the Verified Beef Production Program and HALAL Certified.



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